removing non-compliant Natural Health Products in October removing non-compliant Natural Health Products in October

In September notified every Natural Health Product vendor (whether they had an NPN or not) that, effective in October 2018 they will be removing all products that don’t have a Natural Health Product Number.   Here’s the email they sent to sellers:


Dear Seller,

Pursuant to Canadian laws and regulations, all non-prescription drugs, supplements, and natural health products (“NHPs“) that are sold in Canada must be assigned a registration number by Health Canada.

We are updating our product registration templates to require either a Natural Product Number, Drug Identification Number or a Homeopathic Medicine Number to list these products on our site.

From October 2018, Amazon will remove drugs, supplements, and NHPs that do not have registration numbers associated with them in the catalog from the site. If your product is impacted, you can identify the ASINs and contact Seller Support.

To back-fill the required compliance information for your existing products, you can do so through the single item setup in Seller Central or through an Inventory Template file. More information about listing drugs, supplements and NHPs can be found here:, in recent months, had been taking a proactive approach for new products listed on their site whereby if a brand didn’t have an NPN they couldn’t be listed. However, prior to this policy implementation many products were listed without an NPN.  Clearly there was significant pressure on Amazon from border officials, Health Canada and likely shareholders to tighten up their policy.

For international (ie. outside Canada) companies shipping dietary supplements to Canada there are 3 requirements as summarized on which includes:

  1. A Natural Product Number
  2. A compliant Natural Health Product label
  3. An importer of record if you are shipping a finished product into Canada.

Some of the biggest brands like Amazing Grass, Dr. Bronner’s Barlean’s, Goddess Garden, SmartyPants and many more rely on our end-to-end NHP License solution.

The good news is that we are your one-stop shop solution for all three of these requirements.  Working with hundreds of clients and brands we offer competitive rates having prepared thousands of NPNs over the last 12 years.   Ask about our new client NPN registration offer to help you continue your business on and your business in the Canadian marketplace.

Quality Smart Solutions is an end-to-end ompliance solutions expert which has been assisting clients for 11 years in the areas of Dietary Supplements/NHPs, Foods, Cosmetics, Medical Devices, OTC drugs and Canna for Canada and the United States. Ask us for details or visit our website at

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