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What are the Safe Foods for Canadians Licence Regulations (SFCR)?

Safe Foods for Canadians Regulation was introduced on January 15th, 2019 to modernize how food businesses approach and regulate food safety. SFCR monitors imported, exported, or interprovincially traded food products. Also, it lets Canadians have a strong, world-class regulatory foundation for managing risks through three pillars: licensing, traceability, and preventive controls.
The goal of the Safe Food for Canadians Licence Regulations is to ensure consistency and uniformity of rules across all types of foods, diminish management burden, and enable food businesses to be inventive through outcome-based provisions. As an outcome of SFCR License regulations, food businesses are able to use innovative technology, prevent foodborne illness, and withdraw unsafe food from the market in case of any incidents.

Why do I need a SFCR License?

As per Part 3, Division 1 of the Safe Food for Canadian Licence Regulations 

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) issues an SFRC license to businesses conducting food-related activities, such as manufacturing, trading, importing, or preparing food products for export or to be sent across territorial or provincial boundaries.  This CFIA SFCR license helps the agency in aligning Canada’s regulations with global food standards, identifying food businesses, and taking responsive action when their activities fail to be compliant with the regulations. Certain requirements of the SFCR License may apply in 2021 based on food type of activity, commodity, and business size.

sfcr license
SFCR safe food for canadians regulations License

Type of Businesses That Need an SFCR License

Any business conducting food-related activities that include the following activities needs an SFCR license. These activities are:

The SFRC license application is an online portal with a fee associated with the respective activity.  SFRC Licenses are valid for a set time and will be subject to renewal.  Any changes to the SFRC food license (eg. Site location, activities, etc.) will require an amendment to the SFCR License.

Why QSS for your SFRC License Needs?

We have a proven track record of successful applications for hundreds of entities in obtaining SFCR licenses in addition to regulated activities and uplifting licensing conditions.

All Types of Licensing Applications

We have the capability to handle all types of licensing applications for startup, SMEs as well as established corporations

Expert Guidance

Based on the assessment, our team of experts will guide you about the application process and licensing requirements.

Form Preparation

We'll help you prepare application forms and all essential documents, such as business plan, compliance & internal control manual, etc.

Former Health Canada Officers

We have former Health Canada officers to work closely with you and give you access to the most extensive talent pool in every key function.

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