NHP Health Claims Substantiation Support

Employ qualified professionals to substantiate claims with trust and confidence, ensure compliance with existing applicable regulations and scientific and regulatory support for substantiation of health claims.

Health Claims and Their Importance


Health claims are necessary for any health product. The claims provide consumers with crucial information and enable them to evaluate and buy your product to meet their health requirements. So, health claims should not mislead consumers. Instead, these claims must be accurate and truthful. All health claims that appear on food labelling and advertising must be substantiated based on scientific evidence to ensure they are truthful and properly represent the function they serve for your product. In Canada, Health Claims are important for product licensing.

In US, while there is no licensing process, health claims make consumers believe that you have exercised your due diligence for substantiating your claims. FDA can ask for it from you at any time. It is therefore important to have a strong science supporting health claims to ensure that health claims for foods are substantiated in a systematic and comprehensive way. This will lead to marketing your products along with averting useless—and potentially costly—regulatory risk. However, the scientific requirements and regulations to substantiate health claims can differ depending on the type of claim, the jurisdiction of interest and the product of interest.


Health Claims Substantiation Solutions at Quality Smart Solutions

Our health claim experts can help you in the preparation of the significant scientific evidence and claim substantiation applications to the regularity agency. We will substantiate your health claims by analyzing published information, reviewing unpublished data, and going through other sources of information to assure that proper evidence is in place to support your health claims of structure-function, prevention, or physiological benefit.

How we will help substantiate your health claims:

  • We carry out a health claims review.
  • We provide feedback on whether your claims can be substantiated or not.
  • We also provide recommendations and/or alternate options.
  • We can advise you of appropriate health claims based on a formula.
  • We’ll guide you if you haven’t yet provided health claims and need expert guidance.

Need Expert Assistance for Health Claims Substantiation?

Let us evaluate and construct health claims for your health products and give your customers confidence in your products and your company. Schedule a free consultation with us. Please complete the form below. We will respond to you soon.

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