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Natural Health Products Site Licensing

If you are a Canadian company, engaged in manufacturing, packaging, labeling, or importing a natural health product for sale, then you need Natural health products Site Licensing. According to Health Canada, all companies must have a Site License issued by the Natural Health Products Directorate (NHPD).

  • NHPD issues a Health Canada NHP site license for four types of activities
  • These activities are manufacturing, labeling, packaging, and importing
  •  Licenses are only issued for these activities in Canada

Note that it is mandatory for all packagers, foreign manufacturers, and labelers of natural health products to be annexed to the site license of a Canadian importer.

Importance of NHP Site Licensing Health Canada

An NHP site license intimates that the site maintains GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices)

AN NHP Site License confirms the Canadian market deals in safe, high-quality NHPs

The NHP Site license allows you to share product approval information with all

NHP Site Licensing

The NHP Site License holder can receive product approval from other countries

The NHP Site License lists the ingredient and its quantity in detail and can be found online

The NHP Site License empowers you to acquire a leading position in the world

Our Solutions for Natural Health Products Site License

We have assisted many companies to obtain NHP site licenses with a 100% customer satisfaction rate. We have helped clients in preparing NHP site license applications, SOPs and application forms to assure they can comply with the NHP site license regulations and Good Manufacturing Practices.  We assist in.

  • Developing and implementing GMP compliant quality system 
  • Preparing Quality Assurance Reports
  • Conducting Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Audit
  • Helping in renewing Natural health products Site Licenses
  • Preparing natural health products Site License application dossiers
  • Assisting in Natural health products Site License Amendments
  • Arranging pre-submission meetings with the NHPD
  • Natural health products Site License annexations for foreign sites
NHP Site License

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