Meet Our Team

Each member of our team is an expert in their respective field. Together, we make sure you’re getting the best out of every single penny spent while creating loyalty across every touchpoint.

Andrew Parshad
Founder & President

Andrew is the President and Founder of Quality Smart Solutions.  His academic achievements include an Honours Bachelor of Science in Biology from McMaster University and a Masters of Business Administration degree in Strategic Management.  Andrew has been in the Health products, Pharmaceutical and Consulting sector for 20+ years having had various roles in research, quality assurance and regulatory compliance for several of Canada’s largest companies.  In the day-to-day activities at QSS (and the other divisions Quality IMPORT Solutions and Cannabis License Experts), Andrew focuses much of his time on business development strategies, sales and developing new partnerships in the various lines of business though he is involved in every facet of the company to this day.  

With his busy schedule, he still takes the time to speak with and educate every client before they come on board and ensure they are satisfied with every deliverable. He attends almost every tradeshow with his team walking the floor, educating companies in the regulations and establishing new relationships. He has a true passion for client and team satisfaction, continuous improvement and keeps a strong work ethic in every aspect of growing the business. In his spare time (what he has left) he spends with his family and enjoys watching sci-fi TV shows with his son. He’s also a big wrestling fan. You might catch him on TV at ringside when a show comes to town!

Our Team of Experts
Laila Darwish​

Regulatory Affairs Manager

Tze Ren Tang

Quality Assurance Associate

Mitchell Kiernan

Regulatory Solutions Specialist

Andrew Lau

Regulatory Solutions Specialist

Kalpna Mistry

Regulatory Project Specialist

Trevor Rocheleau

Regulatory Solutions Specialist

Marleen Haroon

Regulatory Solutions Specialist

Xin Yi Gao

Regulatory Solutions Specialist

Shea Bentley

Quality Assurance Specialist

Tammy Anskis

Business Support Associate

Ruth Slaa

Sales and Marketing Administrator

Bill Millsap

Senior Sales Specialist

Sandra Hozjan

Sales Specialist

Dana Bader

Sales Associate

Brian Wolf

Director of Sales and Marketing

Grant Downey

Sales Associate