Natural Health Product Master File Submission (NHP-MF)

Are you an active ingredient supplier? If so, partner with us to prepare the Natural Health Product Master File (NHP-MF) Application and submit it to Health Canada. We’re adept in reviewing all quality and product-specific data for applicability, followed by compiling a Master File that substantiates safety, efficacy, and quality.

Natural Health Product Master File NNHPD

Natural Health Product Master File (NHP-MF)

An NHP-MF enables manufacturers or suppliers of raw materials or a medical ingredient to provide proprietary information directly to the Natural and Non-prescription Health Products Directorate (NNHPD) without having to disclose the information to the Product License Applicant. 

The file contains manufacturing details and technical information, such as relevant safety, clinical studies, efficacy and quality data for a particular active ingredient. Once the NNHPD receives the file, it assigns a master file submission number. The file is referenced by a PLA to support the registration of a finished dose product.

Information Required for NHP-MF Submission

NHP-MFs are not filed using a specific form although a PLA form should not be submitted with an NHP-MF application. You can submit a single copy of the MF electronically because NNHPD does not accept the file in hard-copy. When submitting the Natural Health Product Master File, the following information is required.

  • Name and address of the company
  • Name of ingredient or product
  • Contact person information
  • Senior Official information

Why the Need for Natural Health Product Master File Submission?

If you are an active-ingredient supplier, your customers will possibly be attempting to register their products with the NHPD. They will be requesting from you the required active ingredient information. Note that after successful NHP-MF submission, a Master File Number is issued by Health Canada. The format of the Master File Number is generally a series of letters and digits. 

When you have NHP-MF number

  • You can provide the master file number to your client on your company letterhead and grant them permission to use it for their product license application.
  • Your client can reference your Master File number on their Canada NPN license application for safety, efficacy, and quality.

The authority strictly keeps all information confidential. None other than you or any party to who you grant written permission can access the contents of the file.

Natural Health Product Master File Submission
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