US Agent Service

We specialize in assisting foreign facilities in Medical Device Establishments, Drug Establishments, and Cosmetic Establishments registered with FDA. As your US Agent, we will respond to FDA questions and help you during meetings with FDA officials.

Why US Agent Service Is Required

Any foreign facility involved in manufacturing, preparing, propagating, compounding, or processing medicines, medical devices or food and beverage products imported into US must appoint a US Agent as its official correspondent. Legally, US Agent must have a residence in US and be physically present. Responsibilities of US Agent include:

  • Helping FDA communicate with the foreign company
  • Being available in an emergency for FDA as FDA contacts no other personnel
  • Serving on behalf of foreign facility to interact with FDA 
  • Responding to questions concerning the foreign establishment’s drug or device products

In case of being unable to contact the foreign company expeditiously or directly, FDA provides documents or information to US Agent. Such action is considered equivalent to providing the same information or documents to the foreign establishment

Our Responsibilities As A US Agent

Over the years, we have successfully represented many foreign establishments as their US Agent Service provider. We specialize in assisting foreign Dietary Supplement Foreign Facilities, Food and Beverage Facilities, Medical Device Establishments, Cosmetic Establishments registered with FDA.  Besides fulfilling all the responsibility, we also serve as a reliable liaison between clients and the FDA. We will help you:

  • Re-inspect your establishment
  • Handle your product detained at a US port
  • Ensure proper communications with FDA
  • Schedule and negotiate FDA inspections
  • Address compliance questions that may come your way
US Agent
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