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Importer of Record

We can be your Importer of Record for your Natural Health Products through our sister company, Quality IMPORT Solutions

This solution can be of significant savings to you if you are a foreign (i.e. Outside of Canada) company with a sales team that works with retailers in Canada, and you’re simply looking for an importer on record to deliver the products to retailers.

As part of our importing solutions, we also offer the option of using our distribution center and logistics partners for a monthly fee based on volume imported. Our import solution functions are fee based and can be coupled with one of our retainer programs.

As your importer we will handle:

  • Product disposition (QA check and release of product, if in specification)
  • Customer complaint handling
  • Recall and recall reporting
  • Record maintenance
  • Coordination of lab testing and stability studies for your finished products

… and more, per Health Canada requirements.

We are your worry-free, hassle-free solution to importing your health products to retailers and customers.