Regulatory Compliance Solutions for Food and Beverage in Canada and USA

Become compliant with food and beverage regulations in Canada and USA with expert assistance from Quality Smart Solutions. We help you with training, product classification, auditing, and safety & quality measures.

Food and Beverage Industry in Canada and USA

The food and beverage industry contains online sale of packages and fresh foods (not baby food), delicacies, and beverages. It includes sale of vegetables, fruit, snacks, pasta, refrigerated products, soft drinks, frozen food, alcoholic drinks, etc. Online shops, large supermarkets, and warehouse stores are the most significant channel for the online sale of food and beverage. 

Food & Beverage is the second largest industry in Canada when it comes to production value. It is more than 16% of total manufacturing sales, contributing 2% of the national GDP. In USA, the food and beverage industry has been projected to reach US$18,702m in 2020. 

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Why Need for Food & Beverage Regulatory Compliance in Canada and USA?

Health Canada monitors non-health and safety regulations related to food packaging, labelling, and advertising in Canada. FDA in USA regulates all foods and food ingredients for sale except poultry, meat, and certain processed egg products. Failure to meet agencies’ regulatory compliance will lead to heavy penalties. Your products may be banned from sale in the traditional or online market. To ensure that your products comply with Health Canada and FDA’s regulations, you must develop foods with enhanced nutritional value, nutrient information in a standardized format, and meet label compliance. Some regulatory requirements are specific to certain food products, such as seafood, low-acid canned food, or juice whereas other requirements apply to all food businesses.

food and beverage industry regulations and compliance
Food & Beverage Compliance

Food Directorate division supervised by Health Canada is accountable for the safety and nutritional information for conventional and supplemented foods.

Nutrition Facts Tables

Providing nutritional information such as calories, serving size, percent daily value (% DV) of foods, and including the listing of 13 nutrients is mandatory.

FDA Regulations

FDA asks food manufacturers, packers, processors, distributors for certain records to identify all food products handled by them are safe and healthy for use.

Nutrition Labeling

Federal, Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FD&C Act) and Fair Packaging and Labelling Act govern foods and nutrition labeling.

Food Facility Registration

Registering with FDA is mandatory even before beginning any activities if you manufacture, pack, process or stock food for human or animal consumption in USA.

Turnkey Solutions for Food & Beverage Compliance Needs in Canada

Leverage our expertise in Food and Beverage Compliance in Canada and take your food from your company to consumers. Our range of compliance solutions include auditing, training, product classification, ingredient assessment, and more.

Label compliance and French Translation

Having reviewed labels for various foods like cereals, canned goods, beverages, meats, dry products, etc., we prepare nutrient profiles based on the Nutrition Facts Table to qualify nutrient claims.

Nutrition Facts Table (NFT) Creation

We calculate nutrients and create a print-ready, bilingual nutrition facts table as per the compendium of Nutrition Facts table and the new Nutrition Facts table format that will be required by 2021.

TMA License for Supplemented Foods

Don't worry if your products do not meet the Canadian Food and Drug Regulations (FDR). We will help you acquire temporary market authorization (TMA) License and allow marketing of your food.

Novel Food Notification

Want help in preparing Novel Food Additive Application for your new food ingredient, right? Don’t worry. We’ll help you prepare the novel food additive application and submit to the concerned authority.

Safe Food For Canadians Regulations (SFCR) License

Do you have your SFCR License? If not, get quick help from us to apply for Safe Food For Canadians Regulations (SFCR) License if you manufacture, import, export, and trade food products.

HACCP and Preventive Control Plan (PCP) setup

Wondering if a HACCP or PCP program is right for you? We create a list of tasks before setting up a HACCP plan for your food-related business to prevent problems and plan a way to assure food safety.

Meat or Seafood Permit

Obtain a License under the new Safe Food for Canadians Regulations with our help and grow your business of manufacturing, processing, preserving, packaging, labelling, importing or exporting foods.

End-to-End Food & Beverage Compliance Solutions in USA

Our range of food and beverage compliance solutions in USA empowers you to implement safety and quality measures and meet labeling compliance. Below are our services related to the Food and Beverage Industry in USA.

Food Label Compliance

We guarantee your labels comply with new FDA food regulations by preparing a print-ready and future-proof Nutrition Facts Panel and designing print-ready full-compliant artfile (logo, brand images).

Nutrition Facts Panel Creation

Our experts will help you create Nutrition Facts Panel either by using raw material certificates of analysis and ingredient information or utilizing your raw, unrounded, per 100 grams Nutritionals.

Food Facility Registration and Renewal

If you deal with manufacturing, processing, packaging, or holding foods, we will assist you in registering your food facility with FDA or renew your current registration to avoid any late fee.

GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe) Notification

We review your food ingredients and check whether GRAS is possible, then prepare a well-organized, detailed GRAS dossier, submit it to FDA to ensure your ingredient qualifies for sale in USA.

Self-affirmed GRAS

Avail assistance from our FDA compliance professionals in preparing a self-affirmed GRAS dossier and ensure your ingredient adheres to the safety qualifications for sale in USA.

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