HACCP and Preventive Control Plan (PCP) Setup

Create a HACCP plan for your food-related business to prevent problems in it and make sure the safety of your food. Also, create a Preventive Control Plan (PCP) to discover and control risk to food and food animals.

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP)

HACCP is a process system to prevent food-related problems and assure the safety of food. There are 7 principles of a HACCP plan. These principles are:

  1. Hazard analysis
  2. Identifying critical control points (CCP)
  3. Establishing critical limits
  4. Observe and track procedures
  5. Corrective actions
  6. Verification protocols
  7. Documentation & record keeping

Though these principles may seem obvious to you, their implementation and maintenance through a food organization require a significant undertaking. In some cases, a possibly transformational change (organizational cultural shift) that starts from the management level that needs to integrate HACCP plan into the organization. 

Before a HACCP plan is implanted, Quality Smart Solutions creates a preliminary list of tasks so the HACCP program is robust and the 7 principles are integrated smoothly.

A Preventive Control Plan (PCP)

PCP is similar in some respects to a HACCP program but it is focused more on written documentation and traceability aspects to identify and control risk to food and food animals. This written plan outlining the measures and actions taken to make sure that food is safe for the consumer, fit for human consumption. PCP must be in place as per Part of SFCR (Safe Food For Canadians Regulations). According to CFIA: 

  • A PCP identifies and describes the biological, chemical and physical hazards associated with the food
  • It documents how you control those hazards
  • It provides the information you used to develop your plan
  • It demonstrate through records that you have implemented your plan
Set Up PCP and HACCP with US

Our team that writes the PCP understands the equipment and technology used in your facility. They are aware of the practical aspects of food operations, process flow of your establishment, applied aspects of food microbiology, chemistry and extraneous material in food. They are also adept in HACCP principles and techniques and will promote preventive controls. We determine whether or not a HACCP or PCP program is right for your organization. We can implement one of these programs to fit your food-related activities .

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