What is HACCP and Food Handler’s Certification

What is HACCP and Food Handler’s Certification

What is HACCP Plan

Food safety is always evolving and becoming more complex, as companies require constant updating with safety regulations and industry trends. Before discussing about What is HACCP Plan , let’s talk about the importance of Food Safety Training. According to Health Canada, an average of four million cases of food borne illness occurs every year, over 11,000 Canadians are hospitalized, and more than 200 people die. Food safety incidents are serious and should not be taken lightly. The solution to reducing and preventing such negative consequences is proper food safety training. HACCP Certification and Food Handler’s certification are two methods to ensure food safety procedures are put into place.

Importance of HACCP Plan

Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points is a system that establishes safety guidelines in all stages of food production and processing. HACCP Certification analyzes and manages physical, chemical, and biological hazards in food production and handling, all the way up to distribution and consumption of the food products.

There are seven principles of this certification  that ensure food products are consumed as safely as possible.

To be reputable and trustworthy, this certification is expected in any organization that is involved in the food production business. In countries like Canada and the USA, HACCP Certification is mandatory and annually audited. Overall, this prevents risks that can lead to severe financial, legal, and health consequences.

Importance of Food Handler’s Certification

For many of us, food handling practices are considered common sense, as they are such a frequent occurrence in everyday life. However, “common sense” is not on par with the level of professionalism required to serve food products to the public.

Food Handler's Certification

The majority of food-borne illnesses are caused by food-handling mistakes, improper food preparation, mishandling equipment, and poor personal hygiene. A Food Handler’s Certificate ensures front line workers must:

  • Understand how food become contaminated
  • Understand causes of food-born illness
  • Know how to store, prepare, cook, and serve food
  • Know how to clean equipment, supplies, and surroundings

Obtaining a Food Handler’s certificate ensures the knowledge and skills are acquired to handle food safely at a higher standard. There are also numerous benefits that a Food Hander’s certificate can serve:

  • Protect business reputation
  • Prevent customer complaints and media scrutiny
  • Reduce unnecessary operational costs such as pest control and food wastage

Avoid legal fines or business closures.

Food Safety Training is Essential

HACCP and the Food Handler’s Certificate are important in today’s food industry, as consumers demand higher quality, and government agencies are critical in food safety measures. Food safety is training is essential as it is mandatory in many countries. Legal and financial penalties can occur if companies and workers fail to obtain training.  Quality Smart Solutions delivers high-end training and consultation to help your business grow and comply with industry safety standards. To find out more on our services, do not hesitate to contact us.

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