Interim Order Respecting Clinical Trials Relating to COVID-19

Interim Order Respecting Clinical Trials Relating to COVID-19

On May 23, 2020, the Minister of Health of Canada approved an Interim Order (IO) Respecting Clinical Trials for Medical Devices and Drugs Relating to COVID-19. The IO aims to facilitate clinical trials for potential COVID-19 drugs and medical devices, while upholding strong patient safety requirements and validity of trial data. Under the IO, Health Canada aims to review COVID-19 related clinical trials applications within 14 days.

The Interim Order applies to:

  • new COVID-19 related drugs and medical devices that are not yet licensed in Canada or other jurisdictions
  • new COVID-19-related uses for existing drugs and devices licensed in Canada

This Interim Order does not apply to

  • radiopharmaceutical drugs
  • natural health products
  • Class I medical devices.

Requirements under the IO:

  • To sell or import a COVID-19 drug/device for the purposes of conducting a clinical trial, the applicant must submit a Clinical Trial Application (CTA) to seek Health Canada authorization prior to the initiation of the trial.
  • Before the COVID-19 drug/device can be imported or sold or before the clinical trial commences, the authorization holder must have obtained approval from the Research Ethics Board at each site
  • The clinical trial must be conducted in accordance with internationally recognized Good Clinical Practices.
  • Authorization holders must submit significant changes in respect of the drug/device being studied to Health Canada for authorization prior to implementing these changes.

Regulatory flexibilities under the IO:

  • Reduced administrative requirements for assessing the use of existing marketed products as possible COVID-19-related therapies
  • Allow alternate means of obtaining informed patient consent to facilitate virtual trials and infection control in the context of COVID-19.
    • remote written informed consent
    • non-written informed consent obtained through reading the contents of the informed consent form to the trial participant and receiving the individual’s informed consent before a witness, and subsequent attestation by the witness that the consent was given.
  • broaden the range of qualified investigators
    • expanded to include other health care practitioners, such as nurse practitioners, pharmacists and midwives
  • expand the range of applicants who are able to apply for a medical device clinical trial authorization
    • an application may be submitted by not only manufacturers and importers but also others such as clinicians, academia, contract research organization, etc.
  • Support greater decentralization of trials to multiple/remote sites
  • Facilitates a broader range of trials that may not otherwise have been authorized or allows the ability to further address uncertainties or mitigate risks.

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