Dietary Supplement Label Review

We seamlessly integrate a suite of Dietary Supplement Label Review and Consulting Services to view your product label and ensure that it complies with all applicable FDA rules and regulations.

Dietary Supplement Label Review in USA

Importing or selling a dietary supplement in US calls for the product label compliance with applicable rules and guidance documents of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  FDA has a specific set of rules for labelling and claims that are related to dietary supplements on marketing, packaging, websites. In case of a misleading or false claim on a label, FDA or other regulatory agencies may file warning letters.

Dietary Supplement Label Review Checklist

Packaging Requirements

Packaging must contain a statement of identity, net quantity of contents statement, nutrition labelling, ingredient list, name and place of business, packer, or distributor.

Supplement Facts Panel

This panel contains saturated fat, total calories, calories from fat, total fat, cholesterol, sodium, total carbohydrate, protein, dietary fibre, sugars, vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium if they are present in measurable amounts.

Warning Statement

FDA mandates warning statements associated with safety and special preventive measures that, if not followed, could make the product harmful.

Label Statements

It requires placing all required label statements on the front label panel or on the information panel unless otherwise specified by the regulation.

Ingredient List

You need to place the ingredient list on dietary supplements immediately below the nutrition label. If there is a lack of space below the nutrition label, place it immediately adjacent and to the right of the nutrition label.

Units of Measurement

Using proper units of measurement is obligatory. For instance, use milligrams (mg), micrograms (mcg) or other appropriate.

Dietary Supplement Label Review USA

Dietary Supplement Label Review Done By Our Experts

Dietary Supplement Professionals conduct an in-depth, fast and effective dietary supplement label review. We will assist you by detecting mistakes or enforcement risks and correcting them before you shop or print your products.

  • Ensure that food and beverage labels are in adherence to FDA’s laws and regulations
  • Include all required nutrition and ingredient labelling
  • Check whether you cater to the design and layout restrictions
  • Guide you of any non-compliant claims on your product
  • Advise you about color additive rules
  • Be sure whether you’re in compliance with certification requirements
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