Streamline Your Facility Registration Process with QSS

If you’ve got a DUNS number, we’ll register your cosmetic facility with the FDA. If your facility is outside the United States, we can act as your US Agent. 

Facility registration renewal must occur every 2 years in the odd-numbered year. Enforcement of facility registration will begin July 1, 2024.  

QSS’ experienced FDA cosmetic registration specialists make the complicated, time-consuming process of MoCRA facility registration simple and hassle-free.   

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Why is facility registration mandatory?

Registering your facility with the FDA is mandatory to demonstrate compliance with regulations governing the handling of cosmetic products. With this, the FDA can monitor and inspect registered facilities, reducing risks such as contamination or misbranding that could harm consumers.  

Also, registration helps track the origin and production of your products, ensuring they meet quality standards and are produced under sanitary conditions.  


Benefits of Facility Registration

MoCRA facility registration offers vital advantages for cosmetics businesses. It opens doors to the expansive U.S. cosmetics market, broadening your reach and potential customer base. You’ll get a competitive edge over non-compliant competitors.  

Plus, registration provides ongoing regulatory support, ensuring compliance and streamlining operations, ultimately safeguarding your business’s long-term growth and stability. Also, you can build trust among consumers by demonstrating your commitment to safety and quality. 

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