Supplement Facts Panel Creation

We can help you create a Supplement Facts Panel with proper attention to font, thickness and box size. We ensure your supplement facts panel perfectly caters to the format requirements and remains print-ready

Supplement Facts Panels Label Requirements

Every dietary supplement sold in US must have a Supplement Facts Panel. It is the most important and complex requirement. Various formats for Supplement Facts Panels are allowed. The panels must have the following core information:

Serving Size Information

A serving size is an amount of food listed on a product's Nutrition Facts or food label.

Names and Quantities of Ingredients

Listing of each ingredient in the supplement whereas quantity measurements in IU’s (International Units).

Critical Components

List the quantities and percent daily value for sodium, dietary fibre, total carbohydrate, sugars, protein, vitamin A, vitamin C, iron and calcium.

Common Names of Ingredients with No Daily Value

Use the common name of an ingredient if FDA has not established its daily value.

Amount Per Serving

Include amount per serving. For example, per capsule, per packet, per 5 tablets, etc.

Nutritional Information

A list of calories from fat, saturated fat, total fat and cholesterol. If your supplement contains any measurable amount of trans fat, place that information directly under the listing for saturated fat.

DV Percent on Dietary Ingredients

DV means Daily Value. According to FDA, the percent daily value on all dietary ingredients must be declared.

Supplement Facts Panel

Supplement Facts Panel Label Formats

The format of the supplement facts panel must be strictly followed, such as being enclosed in a box, font type, thickness of bars within the table, etc.  These details may be scrutinized at the US customs border by FDA officials. Failing to follow the FDA regulations for dietary supplement facts panels can result in action by the FDA or complaints from consumers or consumer rights organizations. It is important that you have an expert like Quality Smart Solutions, to review and, if required, prepare your Supplement Facts Panel.

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