Ensure Your Cosmetic Products Are Safe and Compliant with QSS

Substantiate the safety of all your cosmetic products and ensure that all your ingredients are safe and compliant with industry standards. With QSS Cosmetic Safety Substantiation solutions, you can demonstrate adequate substantiation of the safety of your cosmetic product by way of evidence provided by research, analyses, or other scientific evidence. 

We help manufacturers or the responsible Person for a cosmetic product gather all the safety data related to cosmetic product ingredients from various robust sources such as valid scientific data and prepare a comprehensive report. 

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What is cosmetic safety substantiation?

Cosmetic Safety Substantiation is the process of ensuring that a cosmetic product is safe for use by consumers. Section 608 of MoCRA outlines the FDA’s requirements for safety substantiation. According to it, the companies or responsible person for a cosmetic product must maintain records supporting adequate safety substantiation for their cosmetic products.

How is safety substantiation done?

There isn’t a single prescribed method for safety substantiation. The approach varies based on factors such as the product’s ingredients, intended use, and potential risks. Common methods include: 

How Quality Smart Solutions Assists in Safety Substantiation

Quality Smart Solutions provides comprehensive services that ensure your cosmetics meet all regulatory standards, giving you peace of mind and keeping your customers safe. Here’s how we help:

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