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Turnkey Solutions for Your VHP Compliance Needs

At Quality Smart Solutions, we are committed to offering quality support for those who manufacture, import, distribute, or sell Veterinary Health Products in Canada so that a profitable business can be established. Contact us for the following Veterinary Health Products regulatory compliance solutions in Canada. 

VHP Registration

With extensive experience in Veterinary Health Products registration, our VHP compliance officers will help register your VHPs by preparing VHP applications, ensuring your VHP label meets language requirements and VHP regulations.

VHP Package Compliance and French Translation

We take care of everything, such as helping you obtain a Veterinary Health Product Notification Number, ensuring all required information is available on the principal display panel, providing labeling in English and French language.

VHP Canadian Representative

We have the ability to serve as your Canadian Representative for your Veterinary Health Product needs. Our service is designed based on an annual basis structure. Contact us to learn more about this convenient solution.

Why is VHP Regulatory Compliance Important?

There are certain rules set by Health Canada to sell Veterinary Health Products in the Canadian marketplace. Anyone planning to manufacture, distribute, import, or sell Veterinary Health Products in Canada must abide by the labeling rules of the Food and Drug Regulations. They must notify Health Canada at least 30 days before selling or importing VHPs in the country, or making any changes to their products. It is recommended that the Veterinary Health Product application be submitted 3 to 6 months prior to sale. When a VHP is registered, a Notification Number (NN) is issued. Health Canada can stop the sale of a Veterinary Health Product if the product is found to be unsafe or misleading.

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Permitted Substances List (PSL)

All ingredients contained in a Veterinary Health Product must be found in the Permitted Substances List (PSL). If ingredients are not found in the PSL, you need to prepare a New Substance Application.

Good Manufacturing Practices

Any company that manufactures, packages, imports, distributes, or stores VHPs must follow Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs).

Serious Drug Reactions

Companies must report serious drug reactions to Health Canada as well as submit extensive evidence to support the safety of any new ingredients to be used in animals.

Initial Administrative Screening

Every Veterinary Health Product application undergoes an initial administrative stage and then an information verification stage for review.

Veterinary Health Products (VHPs) in Canada

Veterinary Health Products are low-risk health products in oral dosage form for animal consumption. They are used to maintain and promote the health and wellness of certain animals. However, these products are not recommended for treating, preventing, or curing diseases. VHPs contain ingredients such as minerals, vitamins, and traditional medicines. 

The Veterinary Services industry in Canada has performed strongly over the last few years. The market is projected to grow due to animal diseases, people’s love for animal adoption, and their awareness about companion animals and livestock. More than 40% of homes in Canada have at least one dog and 38% have at least one cat, according to the Canadian Animal Health Institute (CAHI)’s 2018 report.

Veterinary Health Products Compliance VHP in Canada
FCE SID Electronic Filing Changes

How is dog food labeling regulated?

In Canada, pet food labeling is governed by the Consumer Packaging and Labeling Act under Industry Canada’s administration. Additionally, the Competition Bureau oversees a voluntary code of conduct for pet food labeling and advertising, ensuring that product labels include feeding instructions and prevent misleading business claims or endorsements.

AAFCO has developed two nutrient profiles for dogs, one for growth and reproduction and another for adult maintenance, with the latter having lower nutrient levels to avoid excessive amounts. However, it’s the Center for Veterinary Medicine (CVM) within the FDA that regulates dog food production. The CVM evaluates health claims on labels related to specific nutrient profiles, such as those for managing chronic renal disease. Additionally, the USDA ensures that pet food is labeled distinctly from human food and conducts inspections to ensure proper ingredient handling.

Canadian Pet Food Ingredient Lists

When assessing pet food, ingredient lists are helpful but have limitations. Ingredients are listed by weight, which can be manipulated by manufacturers to appear more appealing. 

Another crucial aspect on a pet food label is the nutritional adequacy/life-stage statement. AAFCO permits companies to create foods meeting canine nutrient profiles through formulation, a less expensive method than feeding trials. However, formulation doesn’t prove nutrient availability or palatability. Alternatively, companies can conduct AAFCO protocol feeding trials, which are more comprehensive but costlier, offering insights into palatability and nutrient bioavailability.

Veterinary Health Products we have Licenced

We have licensed a wide range of Veterinary Health Products, including but not limited to below

Traditional Medicine
Joint Healthcare

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Frequently Asked Questions - Veterinary Health Products

Veterinary Health Products (VHPs) are low risk drugs in dosage form that are used to maintain or promote the health and welfare of companion and food-producing animals. They are not for use to treat, prevent or cure disease. VHPs can contain ingredients such as vitamins and minerals, botanicals, traditional medicines and homeopathics with a history of safe use.

Health Canada’s Notification Program for Veterinary Health Products (VHPs) provides a process to help companies meet the rules for importing and selling VHPs in Canada. VHPs must be notified to Health Canada:

  • At least 30 days before selling a VHP for the first time in Canada
  • At least 30 days before making a change to a VHP that is already notified in Canada
  • Before importing a VHP into Canada
Yes. As of April 1st, 2020, there is a fee of $486 (CAD) for each VHP Notification. Fees can be reduced for VHP Notifications submitted by a small business.
VHPs can only contain Health Canada-approved substances on the List of Permitted Substances, including active, homeopathic, traditional medicine and non-medicinal ingredients or substances. If any of the ingredients in your VHP are not on the List of Permitted Substances, you may submit a New Substance Application form. Health Canada will review the application form and determine if there is sufficient information to add or make a change to an ingredient on the List of Permitted Substances and whether conditions should be applied.

Yes. Labelling rules for drugs (including VHPs) are outlined in the Food and Drugs Act and Regulations. The label text must be identical to the information provided in the authorized VHP Notification Form. Furthermore, VHP labels must:

  • Include the statement “Veterinary health product / Produit de santé animale”
  • follow the labelling rules of the Food and Drug Regulations
  • include mandatory label statements as described on List C (ingredient specific label statements)

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