VHP Package Compliance and French Translation

End-to-end VHP Package Compliance and French Translation solutions. Obtain Notification Number (NN), ensure all required information is available on the principal display panel, create package labelling in English and French language.

VHP Package Compliance In Canada

VHP Package Compliance In Canada

Food and Drugs Act and Regulations outline the requirements and rules for Veterinary Health Products labelling in Canada. The principal display panel must have the statement “Veterinary Health Product” in English and French. Other label requirements include:

  • Dosage form must be stated only if it’s not apparent.  
  • Notification Number (NN) must appear on the principal display panel.  
  • Other details require the name and address of the manufacturer (notifier). 
  • Mention lot number, expiry date, directions of use and, allergen statements
  • Bilingual nutrition facts table, units of measure (if required)
  • Quantity of each active ingredient per dosage unit, net amount
  • Label also contains a list of excipient (non-medicinal) ingredients
  • Inclusion of contact information for adverse reactions is a must on the label.

In case of a non-Canadian company, a Canadian representative and the name and address of a Canadian importer must be added (if they are different). You will qualify nutrient claims (eg. low in saturated fat, high in protein, etc.),  depending on your nutrient profile as per the Nutrition Facts Table.

VHP Package Compliance and French Translation

Our VHP Compliance Experts will help create compliant labels as well as provide French translation services. Information on VHP product package must be in both official languages, i.e., French and English. Our French Translators come with more than 25 years of experience. Let us help you in creating graphic labels ready-for-print, review labels for compliance and confirm that your labels meet all the new Health Canada VHP Regulations.

VHP Package Compliance and French Translation
Health Canada VHP Package Compliance Solutions

Quality Smart Solutions has extensive experience in registering VHPs and guaranteeing their respective labels meet VHP and language laws. Out experts help review labels for all types of VHPs. With us, you will get fast, cost-effective, packaging compliance solutions.

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