US Drug Listing (DRLS)

Avail expert help to register your establishment and list each drug with FDA manufactured at your establishment intended for commercial sale. Also, get assisted  for submitting required drug listing information to FDA for all homeopathic medicines.

US Drug Registration and Listing System (DRLS & eDRLS)

Any person engaged in drug manufacturing, preparing, propagating, compounding or processing in US or that are offered for import into US must register their establishments with Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as well as list each drug manufactured at their establishment for commercial distribution. They must also submit updated information about drug listing to FDA twice each year – June and December. The purpose is to notify FDA if there is any change in information.

All drugs registered with FDA must be listed in its database and maintained through period renewal. Only after the labeller’s code is issued, the drug listing will be added to the FDA’s database in around two business days.  FDA NDC database will confirm the drug listing and its status will be indicated. Drug listings have to be updated annually to ensure their status is active.

Information Required from Outsourcing Facility

According to FDA, accurate, complete and updated information related to establishment registration and drug listing is required to promote patient safety. For each drug identified, the establishment must provide the following information:

  • NDC number of the final product if issued
  • Strength of active ingredient per unit
  • The source of the active ingredient
  • The NDC number of the source drug if available
  • The dosage form and route of administration
  • The package description and the number of individual units produced
  • The NDC number of bulk active ingredient if available
US Drug Listing

Why QSS for US Drug Listing (DRLS)

There are many reasons to choose us for US Drug Listing.

  • Help in registering your establishment
  • Assistance in listing each drug with FDA manufactured
  • Solutions for registration renewal within timeframe set by FDA
  • Listing updates at any time in the calendar year
  • independently audit your products and collect and submitting information
  • Enable you to stay in compliance with FDA requirements.
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