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A Glance at Canna Market in Canada

According to the Government of Canada, the Canadian canna market witnessed a total sale of 9,932,994 packaged units of canna  across Canada for medical and non-medical purposes till the end of June 2020. Dried canna 71%, canna extracts 14% and edible canna represents 14% of total sales. Also, at the end of June 2020, more than 33 thousand individuals were successfully registered with Health Canada for personal and designated cultivation. 

The canna industry in Canada offers aspirants wonderful opportunities for a profitable business but with certain challenges. Constantly changing regulations, seeking government approvals, and getting a license to name a few are key challenges. But you don’t need to worry as Quality Smart Solutions’ canna consultants along with a team of former Health Canada officials and project managers will let your businesses take off the ground and let you meet canna regulations in Canada.

Canna License and Regulations in Canada

A set of Canna Regulations in Canada under the Canna Act has been framed and it applies to the production, sale, distribution, importation, and exportation of canna by federal license holders. According to regulations, any company intending to cultivate, grow, process, research, or sell canna in the Canadian market must acquire a license from the concerned authority. Moreover, permission is required to import or export industrial hemp and canna for scientific or medical purposes.

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Labeling Regulations

To sell your products, you must ensure products are labeled with mandatory health warnings, standardized canna symbol, and specific information about the product.

Drug Establishment License (DEL)

To produce and sell prescription drugs containing canna, holding DEL under Section C.01A.008 of the Food and Drug Regulations is necessary.

Canna Drug License

Any individual or company engaged in researching and developing canna-based pharmaceuticals must have Canna Drug License.

Retail License

To be a legal retailer of Canna products in Canada, you need to require a canna retail license and sell licensed canna products online.

Turnkey Solutions for your NHP Compliance Needs

Quality Smart Solutions is committed to providing quick assistance in services related to NHP Compliance so that you can enter the industry and establish a compliant and profitable business. Contact us for NPN Licensing, Label Compliance, and Importer of Record consulting services.

Cultivation Canna License

We will help you collect all relevant information, prepare application packages, collect site details and activities, file notice to municipality, and respond to RMI notices during application screening.

Processing Canna License

Experts will assist in obtaining a Canna Processing License (both Standard Processing and Micro-Processing) by preparing and submitting a license to Health Canada. We also assess feedback from Health Canada

Canna Testing License

Our specialists will offer assistance in getting your business compliant and certified. We’ll also provide you with important steps necessary to obtain a Canna Analytical Testing License in Canada.

CBD Product License

We help in security clearance, getting you a Drug Establishment License, and inspecting the site perimeter, operations areas to ensure you meet all the requirements for CBD Product License.

Pre-Audit Inspection

We evaluate Record keeping, physical security requirements, operating procedures, production practices, inventory methods & limitations and Activities Authorized and Unauthorized by License.

Routine Site Inspection

We conduct scheduled routine inspections, review documents, provide information and guidance, inspect all facilities to ensure you follow GPP, and are well prepared for future Health Canada on-site audits.

Edibles Safety Plan

With our great depth of experience, we are well-positioned to provide assistance in developing Edible Safety Plans with guaranteed top-tier quality control in canna processing facilities.

R&D Canna License

Get assisted in confirming need for R&D Canna License, determining appropriate license model, creating an account in the Canna Tracking and Licensing System, developing and submitting your application.

Security System Compliance and Design Setup

Our officers take care of everything, such as checking site design, perimeter of site, air filtration, operations areas, storage areas, power supply to meet Security System Compliance and Design Setup requirements.

Provincial License to Sell(Recreational Purposes)

Support from former Health Canada officials is available for distributors, wholesalers, retailers, supplying the provincial and territorial canna to obtain Provincial License for Recreational Purposes.

Federal License to Sell (Medical Purpose)

Get end-to-end solutions, guidance from former Health Canada professionals to obtain license for your business so you can sell canna for medical purposes. We’ll also help you get Federal License at your convenience.

Canna Standard Operating Procedures Technical Writing

Be sure your Standard Operating Procedures cater to the Canna Act GPP requirements and your team follows the requirements for sustaining a viable medical marijuana cultivation operation in Canada.

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