Quality Assurance

Get Quality Assurance assistance to ensure your products and procedures adhere to established quality standards, satisfy your consumers and maintain legal compliance. 

Quality Assurance Assistance

Firms that manufacture, label, package, or import health products or dietary supplements for sale in Canada and the USA must train their staff in GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices). It is a regulatory requirement. The company must meet GMP standards, SOP requirements, etc. For this crucial requirement, Quality Smart Solutions is the right name to be.  We help you assure your facility is supported by qualified staff and the role of Quality Assurance. With us, you are able to learn how your company becomes compliant with Health Canada and FDA standards.

GMP Training

Supplement your FDA inspections or Site License Applications with proof of GMP training that includes training documents, training videos, opportunities to discuss GMP issues to improve functional and operational processes that result in improved productivity and cost savings.

SOP Technical Writing

Carving a niche in Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) Technical Writing, we write SOPs for manufacturers, labellers, packagers, importers and distributors. All SOPs written by our experienced SOP authors are specific to your organization to ensure their functions.

Quality Assurance Designate

Avail the benefits of our Quality Assurance Designate (QAD) who will help you handle review raw material ingredients, customer complaints, change control documentation, write or update new standard operating procedures, review and sign-off on cleaning logs.

Site Audit

We’ll periodically audit your site (facility, equipment, documents, logs, etc.) to ensure your manufacturing, labelling, packaging, importing or distribution are properly documented, and to help improve your operations and prepare you for a government audit on-site.


Get help from on-site personnel (temporary or permanent basis) to meet your budget needs, timeframes, and scope. Get regulatory service advice on an hourly basis or choose our pay-as-you-go bundle retainer to understand quality assurance principles, FDA or NHP regulations.

Quality Non-Conformance Investigation

Let us be your most trusted investigator of non-compliance quality issues or qualified customer complaint handler to capture your customer’s concerns in a complaint document form, conduct a quality non-conformance investigation and report back to you.

Adverse Reaction/Event Reporting (AER)

We have got years of experience in assisting clients or their organizations in preparing an adverse reaction report that is accurate and complete. We help you fill Adverse Reaction reporting and submit it by fax, through mail or choose to go with an online form.

How We Serve You

We help our prestigious clients by ensuring an industry-centric approach and conducting a ‘needs analysis’ of their business goals. No matter which country you are planning to launch your business in, our highly trained and qualified officials will explain and educate, in easy to understand language, every bit of information required to legally commence your business operation. Former Health Canada inspectors and FDA officials at Quality Smart Solutions will always be accessible for your assistance and guidance.

Regulatory Support

Rest assured that all your employees are up to date with new requirements of Health Canada and FDA Standards of a site license holder because we will train and update them with the latest changes in Health Canada and FDA Regulations.

Network of Health Canada Experts

Partnering with Quality Smart Solutions will let you meet a wide network of former Health Canada Experts and ex-officials of Food and Drug Administration to seek their guidance from initial steps to final execution.

Functional and Operational Support

We will serve you by offering functional and operational support for your business. You will be able to manage all requirements, processes needed for the smooth and error-free functioning of your business in any country.

Outcomes of Our Quality Assurance Assistance

We will serve as your formal Quality Assurance personnel or informal advisor on all matters associated with QA. So, leverage our expertise and take a Proactive and Anticipatory Approach Towards Quality and Regulatory Requirements not only to prevent revoked site license but for the health and safety of consumers.

Improve Product Quality

With Quality Assurance assistance, you can build a solid product strategy, make quality part of your company culture, and improve product quality.

High Company Standard

We consistently monitor your operations to ensure you build high standards into your company culture, meet growing customer needs.

Improve Collaboration

We utilize the latest communication tools and technologies and remain available anytime to improve collaboration and speed up productivity.

Examine & Restructure Company Processes

Holding more than a decade of expertise, we can examine and restructure your company process to ensure uninterrupted business operations.

Maintain A Better Work Culture

Build trust and hone your management skills to efficiently reinforce a better and healthy work culture.

Reduce Waste And Save Money

With regular assistance from our compliance and marketing professionals, you will be able to reduce waste and save your hard-earned money.

Why Are We the Right Fit?

Completed Projects

We have successfully completed more than 16,245 projects

Consulting Expertise

NHP, VHP, Dietary Supplements, Cosmetics, Foods, OTC Drugs, Medical Devices


Former Health Canada, FDA Officials and Regulatory Industry Experts


Helped over 784 clients to cater to compliance regulations

Services Completed

128,381 services completed and counting by us successfully

Years in Service

15 years of industry experience

Live Chat

Connect with our live chat compliance expert anytime, anywhere

Multi-Language Support

We support multiple languages to serve our global customers

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