Food & Food Supplements Compliance in European Union (EFSA)

Expert guidance to navigate through diverse registration procedures in 28 Member States of the European Union!

European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) Compliance

Food Supplement Sales are expected to be €7.9 billion by 2020, according to data from Euromonitor International.  Food Supplements cover both supplements and foods. European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) regulates the Food industry. Directive 2002/46/EC provides regulatory guidance on the limits of minerals, vitamins, botanicals, and labelling. However, each 28 Member States of the European Union have crafted their own notification procedure. Timelines for product registration can vary from 6 to 9 months for one country. 

Due to the lack of harmonization, expert guidance to navigate through the different registration procedures is required. Quality Smart Solutions with an operational and delivery centre in Europe, provide assistance to manufacturers, sellers, distributors, importers and exporters with end-to-end EFSA Regulatory procedures.

How We Help You

Our assistance for Food & Food Supplements Compliance in European Union (EFSA) is available for those willing to enter the market of European union member states. We have federal regulatory officials who provide guidelines to manufacturing facilities about legal documentation, facility requirements, standard operation procedure. We help obtain a license or get approval from EFSA to enter the European Union market. 

Services Offered by Quality Smart Solutions

With a team of federal experts, we inform and guide businesses about Food Product Classification, Food Supplement Classification, Formula Review, Label and Claims Review, Claims Consultation and Substantiation, EU Country-specific Regulatory Support, Dossier Compilation and Submission, Food products / Food Supplements Import Guidance. Our end-to-end EFSA regulatory solutions:

Product Strategy & Classification

When you partner with us, our experts will help you in crafting product strategy and classification. You’ll know which set of EFSA Regulations your products fall to meet the compliance requirements.

Compliance Consulting

Our European compliance experts will assess all your compliance facets in order for meeting the food compliance requirements of EFSA, thereby letting you enter the European Union food marketplace and grow your business.

Regulatory Compliance

Gain the benefits of our expertise in EFSA Regulatory Compliance in the European Union for a range of health and food products and be ready to cater to any changes in regulatory compliance and get your product registered.

Expert Guidance

Worried about meeting Regulatory Compliance of EFSA? Don’t worry. We will help by delivering every piece of information and guidance required to enter the European Union marketplace without facing any issue.

Auditing & Inspection

Our Compliance team consists of former EFSA compliance experts who carry out audits and inspection of your product materials, packaging, labelling, quality to determine that you meet EFSA Compliance.

Application Assistance

Get full service related to application process, documentation process and licensing process. We support both domestic and international businesses with EFSA Regulatory solutions for product registrations.

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