Compliance and Import Solutions for COVID-19

If your company is seeking compliance and import solutions for COVID-19 related medical supplies including product registration for medical devices (eg. Gloves, masks, shields, gowns, respirators, testing kits), hand sanitizers and hard surface disinfectants, importing, manufacturing, packaging or labelling (these products with a medical device establishment licence, drug establishment licence or site licence), then initiate contact with us. 

Our experts have served over 500 clients worldwide and have successfully registered over 6000 products since 2007. We can support your compliance needs during and after licensing.  

Follow The Right Approach

Quality Smart Solutions has been a remote-based consulting firm since its inception in 2007.  Our team has worked from their home or remote location all these years having served over 600 clients, completing over 13,000 projects in that time successfully with satisfied partners.

As demand for medical devices, disinfectants and hand sanitizers continues to increase to keep the public safe and secure our team continues to work tirelessly to deliver compliance and import solutions.  Our experts continue to support your needs for natural health products, foods, cosmetics, OTC drugs, medical devices for North America.

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