Food Label Compliance

Our Food Label experts ensure your food product labels comply with FDA Regulations by assessing statements of identity, formatting elements, net contents, nutrition facts panel, name and place of business, ingredients list.

FDA Food Label Compliance Requirements

FDA governs safety of ingredients added to food, regulates how the food is processed, packed and labelled. Food labelling is mandatory for different types of food, such as bread, canned, cereals, frozen foods, snacks, drinks,  desserts. Nutrition labelling for fish and raw produce (vegetables and fruits) is voluntary.

Businesses that generate an average of over $10 million in sales must have updated food labels whereas businesses that generate sales under $10 million must comply with new food label requirements. No food product is allowed to be sold in US until it undergoes a complete labelling compliance check.

  • Nutrient claims such as “Low Fat”, “Sugar Free” are allowed under certain conditions.
  • Nutrition Facts panels differ when it comes to size, information, and orientation requirements.
  • Proper declaration of allergens is mandatory in addition to the ingredients statement.

Notable changes to the Nutrition Facts panel details include larger, bolder type for serving size listing, calories (larger type), updated daily values, declaring nutrients amounts and new footnote.

Why Expert’s Help Require for Food Label Compliance

When you work with a team of food label experts, they will make sure your product label stays compliant with FDA regulations. Improperly labelled food products may be considered adulterated or misbranded. They may be subject to regulatory agency action, which may include recall or market withdrawal.

How We Assist You Comply with FDA Food Label Compliance

Our FDA food label regulation experts ensure your labels meet all the new FDA food regulations by guiding you about food additives, ingredients, pesticides that are banned in the United States.  Our experts will help:

  • Review your label against US FDA guidelines
  • Conduct nutritional analysis
  • Report Gap analysis on the labelling and ingredient list
  • Recommend changes to comply with regulations

Our Two Tiers of Service

At Quality Smart Solutions, we offer two tires of services.

  1. The first tier includes preparing a print-ready, future-proofed Nutrition Facts Panel and proofing your artwork.  
  2. Second-tier includes designing services whereby our graphic designer will prepare a print-ready fully
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