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Monitoring and detecting food safety-related problems throughout the entire food safety process! We also identify hazards and set up preventive control plans (PCP) to prevent food safety hazards, gain customer confidence, and achieve more rigorous quality control.

What is HACCP?

HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points. It is a process designed to assure food safety, prevent problems, increase food safety standards, ensure you comply with the law, and organize your process to produce safe food. A HACCP plan consists of 7 principles, including:

  • Hazard Analysis
  • Identifying Critical Control Points (CCP)
  • Establishing Critical Limits
  • Observing And Tracking Procedures
  • Corrective Actions
  • Verification Protocols
  • Documentation & Record Keeping

These principles may seem obvious but implementing and maintaining them through a food organization is a significant undertaking and, in some cases, an organizational cultural shift (possibly a transformational change) that starts from the management level who needs to integrate the HACCP plan into the organization.

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What is a Preventative Control Plan?

PCP stands for Preventive Control Plan, which is similar in some respects to a HACCP program. But PCP focuses more on written documentation and traceability aspects to identify and control risk to food and food animals. According to CFIA, a PCP allows you to:

  • identify and describe the biological, chemical, and physical hazards associated with food
  • document how you intend to control hazards
  • provide information you can use to develop your plan
  • demonstrate through records that you have implemented in your plan

Preventive Controls must be in place as part of the Safe Food For Canadians Regulations (SFCR). To determine if a HACCP or PCP program is right for your organization and how we can implement one of these programs to fit your food-related activities, feel free to contact us.

What are the HACCP & PCP Certification Requirements?

HACCP and PCP require organizations (food manufacturers, food transporters, food importers, food storage facilities, and food caterers) to be compliant with certain standards and processes in their system for HACCP certification. Since HACCP is food safety and quality management system, any firm that is working in the industry must apply for HACCP certification. For the successful accreditation of the certificate, they need to complete HACCP audits.

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Process Improvements

HACCP certification helps in improving processes and reducing customer complaints.

Better Understanding

The certification allows a better understanding of issues related to food packaging throughout the organization.

Global Standards

You’ll follow an auditable, clear, global standard to bring together all parts of your Food Safety Management System.

Reduction of Product Recall

Proper implementation of HACCP and PPC setup will reduce product recall, product withdrawal, re-process of food, non-compliance issues, and non-conformances.

How to obtain your HACCP Certification and develop your PCP with Us

Whether you need to comply with the Canadian Preventive Control requirements or seek GFSI certification, you will need HACCP. Our experts will help you get your food manufacturing or food warehouse business HACCP certified by developing a comprehensive HACCP Plan and implementing your food safety system to pass a certification audit.  Moreover, we ensure your Preventive Control Plan (PCP) stays compliant with the SFCR.

How We Can Help You!

Before a HACCP plan is implemented, we create a preliminary list of tasks so the HACCP program is robust and the 7 principles are integrated smoothly. Also, we ensure your food safety documentation is in compliance with food safety regulations in Canada to achieve HACCP certification.

Food Safety Plan Development

Get assistance in developing your Food Safety Plan according to Canadian food safety regulations.

Food Safety Documentation

We make sure your food safety documentation is in place and you successfully import or manufacture food in the Canadian marketplace.

Employee Training

Our experts will train your employees to understand their food safety responsibilities so that you can prevent any non-compliance issues.

Certification Audit Preparation

Our experts will carefully review your program and prepare you for the certification audit to avoid rejection of your application for the certification.

Solutions for your HACCP and PCP Setup Needs

We give turnkey solutions for the number of HACCP and PCP programs you will develop and validate based on the complexity of your processes and the products you manufacture.

Food Manufacturing or Holding Process

We outline your food manufacturing or holding process by using a flow diagram that includes all inputs, such as raw materials, ingredients, processing aids. We also identify manual steps and automates steps in your process.

Submission of Process Documentation

We’re adept in 7 principles and FSEP templates to create your written plan and submit process documentation. We will also complete the entire hazard analysis on processing aids, materials, ingredients, packaging and process steps.

Physical Hazards Determination

Chemical, biological and physical hazards are determined using CFIA templates by our HACCP and PCP professionals who will also monitor and identity verification and develop record-keeping procedures.

Receive HACCP Compliant Plan

We will strive to deliver your plan review soon to avoid any delays and enable you to achieve HACCP certifications and set up Preventive Control Plan (PCP) efficiently without any hindrance. Get in touch for more information.

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