Novel Food Notification

Our regulatory experts review your product and determine if the ingredient or product is novel. We prepare a safety data package for notification submission and arrange a pre-submission meeting with the Food Directorate. 

Novel Food Notifications and Food Additive Submissions

When introducing a new food ingredient that is not regulated in the Food and Drug Regulations, Novel Food Notifications must be completed and submitted to Health Canada. The submission of novel food addictive applications is required before selling novel food in Canada. The application includes food additives that are completely new and have never been used before, as well as existing food additives that will be used differently, i.e. in different food. 

Our Assistance for Food Additive Submissions

We have the expertise needed to prepare novel food additive applications. We prepare statutory requirements for submissions on food additives, such as descriptions of the food additive, which include chemical properties,  efficacy, purpose and level of use, and proposed maximum level of use. We help:

  • Review your product 
  • Check whether your product or ingredient is novel
  • Arrange pre-submission meetings 
  • Communicate with officials about novel food approval
  • Respond to government clarification requests 
  • Address information request notices 

Preparing Other Supporting Information

Our regulatory experts will help in preparing other supporting information, including food quality considerations, benefits for consumers, information on approvals, and authorizations of other health authorities. You’ll also prepare a safety data package for notification submission, such as:

  • History of use
  • Dietary exposure
  • Detail of novel process
  • History of organism(s)
  • Characterization
  • Nutritional considerations
  • Allergen considerations
  • Chemical considerations
  • Genetic modification considerations
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