Health Canada Regulatory Compliance

Adopt a streamlined approach with the help of Quality Smart Solutions to meet Health Canada Regulatory Compliance.

Health Canada Compliance

Health Canada is the federal department of the Government of Canada. It monitors manufacturers, importers, private labellers, and distributors of food, drugs, and medical devices. Health Canada is responsible for the sale of drugs and medical devices and ensures that only high-quality health services are accessible to Canadians. To market health products in Canada, every business that intends to manufacture, label, import or distribute food, drugs and medical devices must comply with Health Canada. 

Quality Smart Solutions enables you to meet Canadian regulatory solutions. Whether you need a Cosmetic Notification, Natural Product Number, a Temporary Market Authorization (e.g. Functional foods), or a meeting with Health Canada officials, we will assist by guiding you and ensuring your project is delivered on time, on budget, and to your complete satisfaction.

Industries We Serve

We project stellar performance in delivering Health Canada Compliance Assistance to manufacturers, importers, labellers, and distributors in multiple industries. With us, you can anticipate and adapt to regulatory change along with ensuring a cost-effective balance between compliance and risk.

Services Offered by Quality Smart Solutions

Our Health Canada compliance experts deploy an integrated approach to manage regulatory obligations, handle a variety of regulatory and compliance processes and ensure accountability within organizations of all sizes. We engage in government working groups to recommend pending regulatory affairs and prepare you in advance for any relevant regulatory changes. Services for Canada include:

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