China (CFDA) Compliance Solutions

Leverage our expertise in Food Regulatory Advisory, Cosmetic Regulatory Advisory, Chanel and Distribution Advisory, and Feed Regulatory Advisory to adhere to CFDA Compliance.

CFDA Regulatory Compliance

The China Food & Drug Administration (CFDA) is a government entity, responsible for regulating drugs, medical devices, and healthcare services. Extensive clinical data and in-country testing of most medical devices are mandatory by The National Medical Products Administration (NMPA), previously  CFDA.  NMPA ensures that organizations in China operate their business ethically and fairly. Adhering to these regulations is challenging even for experienced professionals. 

With that in mind, Quality Smart Solutions is committed to assisting manufacturers, distributors, importers and sellers meet the regulatory compliance of CFDA and NMPA. Our experts will help you by conducting a detailed assessment of the compliance requirements for testing and clinical trials for your healthcare products, medical devices and assist with registration. 

How We Help You

Compliance risk is a threat to organizations. We set a well-defined compliance process to mitigate your organization’s risk of violating these regulatory standards. When you partner with us, you will get assistance from retired CFDA experts to discover compliance risks and have sustainable growth. We make sure you adhere to all pertinent laws and rules. We help with:

Services Offered by Quality Smart Solutions

We assist you in managing CFDA regulatory compliance. Our China advisory services include Regulatory strategy and planning, Regulatory submissions and translated eCTD, Strategic risk and compliance management, Clinical development planning and execution, Market Access Support and Commercialization strategy. Holding more than a decade of experience, we have carved a niche in CFDA regularly compliance working with authorities. 

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