FSMA-FSVP Certification Program

Qualify for full or modified Foreign Supplier Verification Program (FSVP) requirements and adhering to Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) needs with FSMA-FSVP program assistance from Quality Smart Solutions.

FSMA-FSVP: An Overview

Food Safety Modernization Act

Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) is a set of rules that give the FDA new authority to regulate how foods are grown, harvested, and processed. The act mandates that the foods imported from foreign countries have high standards to meet domestic food requirements. FSMA has 7 Preventive Control Rules for Food, including Produce Safety Rule, FSVP Rule, Accredited Third-Party Certification, Sanitary Transportation Rule, Intentional Adulteration Rule, and Complying with FSMA.

Foreign Supplier Verification Program

Foreign Supplier Verification Program (FSVP) regulated by FDA mandates that importers perform specific risk-based activities to ascertain that food imported to the USA is produced in a manner that meets applicable US safety standards. FSVP is similar to the SFCR in Canada which verifies and proves to CFIA that the food Canadian importers import meets regulations and standards.

US Importers of Canadian Foods

US and Canada have developed the FSSRA (Food Safety Systems Recognition Arrangement). The FDA FSVP applies a revised set of regulations for US importers when they import food that is covered under the FSSRA from Canadian manufacturers in compliance with the CFIA. This makes it easier for US and Canadian imports and exports.

Why Choose FSMA-FSVP Certification?

FSMA FSVP certification enables overseas suppliers (non-US suppliers of food products) to procure certification following an audit. It reduces the requirements of various supplier audits required by US importers by undergoing one certification audit.

How We Assist You in FSMA-FSVP Program

As a leading name in the industry, we have gained the capability to certify foreign food suppliers as a substitute to supplier audits requested by US importers under the FSMA FSVP rule. With us, you will qualify for FSMA compliance and full or modified FSVP requirements.

Qualify Your Business

We will help you qualify for full or modified FSVP requirements.

Food Safety Assessment

QSS professionals will assess food safety performance and compliance history of foreign suppliers.

FSVP Plan Development

Our experts will assist you and your foreign suppliers to develop FSVP plans.

Certification Renewal

We will review your foreign supplier verification program certifications.

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