Veterinary Health Product (VHP) Registration

Register your VHPs with us. Meet Health Canada Regulations and legally import and sell Veterinary Health Products in Canada. Our VHP compliance officers assist in preparing VHP applications, ensuring your VHP label meets language requirements and VHP regulations.

Selling Veterinary Health Products in Canada

Veterinary Health Products are used to maintain or promote the health and welfare of companion and food-producing animals in Canada. They contain ingredients like minerals, vitamins and traditional medicines. Anyone planning to manufacture, import, sell or distribute a VHP in Canada must adhere to Health Canada Regulations. They require a Notification Number (NN) that allows for the selling of Veterinary Health Products without the need for a Drug Identification Number (DIN). Moreover, manufacturers or distributors need to notify Health Canada about their VIPs:

  • Minimum 30 days prior to selling a VHP in Canada
  • Minimum 30 days prior to making changes to a VHP 
  • Before importing a VHP into Canada

Obtaining Notification Number (NN)

The Veterinary Health Product Notification Program of Health Canada has set a flexible and risk-appropriate regulatory framework for VHPs that have a history of safe use. According to the program, to obtain a Notification Number, 

  • A VHP application needs to be submitted to Health Canada.  
  • All ingredients (active, or inactive) must be present in the Permitted Substances List (PSL).  
  • If some ingredients are not included in the PSL, they must be added to the database prior to VHP application submission.
Obtaining Notification Number

Get Our Support for VHP Registration

We have gained extensive experience in the VHP Registration process. We help prepare VHP applications and ensure your VHP label meets regulations.  We assist you in obtaining a Notification Number and registering your VHPs with Health Canada.

  • Help in product classification
  • Ensure that ingredients are on the List of Permitted Substances
  • Add new ingredients to the List of Permitted Substances
  • Make sure that claims are suitable for the VHP category
  • Assist in preparing applications for submission 
  • Craft safety/efficacy dossiers for product claim support 
  • Assess manufacturers and importers for compliance with appropriate GMPs

Review retail labels and advertising materials for compliance

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