VHP Canadian Representative

We hold more than a decade of experience in serving as a VHP Canadian Representative to ensure the quality of VHPs and that these products meet relevant regulatory provisions while sold in Canada. 

Who is VHP Canadian Representative?

A VHP Canadian Representative is a professional who is responsible for the sale of VHPs in Canada, ensuring all products adhere to the requirements of the Interim Notification Program (INP). All Veterinary Health Products marketed in the country require a Canadian representative irrespective of where VHP was manufactured i.e. domestically or outside Canada.

VHP Canadian Representative Obligations

Canadian representative is responsible for the quality of VHP sold in Canada and has systems in place to take corrective actions on time for all products in Canada. Corrective action is required because those Veterinary Health Products that do not meet VHP requirements and relevant regulatory provisions are considered by Health Canada unsafe. The agency deems that these products cause the public to be deceived. Responsibilities of a VHP Canadian Representative include

  • Implementing collection of sales data for each product in the case of a product recall
  • Verifying the safety of the product
  • Collecting all inimical event reactions data
  • Reporting severe adverse event reactions
  • Attesting the use of GMP in manufacturing, labeling, packaging, distribution, and sale of the product

Moreover, Canadian Representative has ‘read access’ to the Notification Form. To ensure that their responsibilities and obligations are successfully met, an agreement takes place between the Canadian Representative and the product sponsor.

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