Nutrition Facts Panel Creation

FDA regulates businesses to provide accurate nutritional information on their good packaging. With that in mind, we help you in creating a perfect Nutrition Facts Panel for your food products by analyzing ingredients, and current label so that you can comply with FDA regulations.

Requirement of Nutrition Facts Panel

FDA requires food manufacturers who sell packaged food products to have a Nutrition Facts Panel on their packaged foods and beverages. Failing to it may lead to dismissal or withdrawal of products from the market. 

  • The Facts Panel must show what nutrients (to limit and get enough of) are in the food product. 
  • It must contain detailed information about nutrient content of food, such as amount of sugar, fat, fibre, sodium it has.
  • Labels must be based on official nutritional rating systems. 
  • It must meet the general educational purposes required by FDA.

Purpose of Nutrition Facts Panel

The main purpose of the Nutrition Facts Panel is to make consumers aware of the product they are going to buy. The panel shows consumers key nutrients that can impact their health. Consumers can use this label to support their personal dietary needs, buy foods that contain more of the nutrients they want to get. Moreover, they can know the amount of fat, sodium, sugars added to the food.

Our Solutions for Nutrition Facts Panel Creation

We have extensive experience in the analysis of nutrition data from formulations and recipes. Whether you need full Nutrition Facts or Supplement Facts label development, we will help you. Using FDA nutrition databases and calculation programs, we are able to create government-compliant Nutrition Facts panels that meet FDA regulations. Please note that same Nutrition Facts Panel can not be used for all food products in US due to formatting, minimum size requirements, and differences in the DV of certain nutrients.

Nutrition Facts Panel Creation
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