Meat or Seafood Permit

Importing meat or seafood in Canada requires proper planning and licenses. Importers must furnish all the criteria outlined by CFIA prior to importation. At QSS, we help you obtain a License under the new Safe Food for Canadians Regulations to import meat, fish or seafood into Canada.

Importing Fish and Seafood into Canada

Meat or seafood products imported into Canada are inspected by CFIA to prevent the trading of unsafe and mislabeled products. Thats’ why registration and license are required for all types of food, such as fish, dairy, meat, seafood and others. Get a License under the new SFCR with our help and grow your business of manufacturing, preserving, processing, packaging, labelling, importing or exporting foods.

Registration of Food Commodity

The process for obtaining a License under the new SFCR is applicable to anyone who is conducting any activities, including manufacturing, processing, treating, preserving, grading, packaging, or labelling. The process to obtain a license is governed and issued by the CFIA. However, once you get the license, you must have effective preventative controls in place. License is required for:

  • Importing a food
  • Exporting food that needs an export certificate
  • Slaughtering a food animal from which meat products are derived for export
  • Storing and handling a meat product in its imported condition for inspection by the CFI

Do You Need Single or Multiple Food Licenses?

If you are associated with any of the above activities, you can apply for one license that covers all your establishments, activities and types of food, or you can apply multiple licenses that cover combinations of activities, establishments and types of food. To apply for a licence, submission of an application to CFIA is required that provides:

  • Activities for which a licence is being applied for
  • Location of the establishment where the activities will be conducted
  • Types of foods for which a licence is required
  • Confirmation that they have preventive controls in place

Keep in mind that if you have a license or registration under the Canada Agricultural Products Act, the Meat Inspection Act or the Fish Inspection Act, it will be valid until it expires.

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