US Agent for Dietary Supplement Foreign Facility

We serve as a US Agent to meet all the criteria required for Dietary Supplement Foreign Facility and answer any questions the FDA may have in the event of an emergency.

Why US Agent Service Is Required

Any foreign establishment that manufactures, produces, prepares, and processes a device or drug imported into US must assign a US agent as its official correspondent.

  • A US agent helps in event of an emergency related to a dietary supplement, food or drug.
  • In case of an emergency, FDA contacts the US Agent and no other personnel.
  • By law, the US Agent must have a residence in US and be physically present in US.
  • The US Agent is available to answer the phone of FDA.

Our Responsibilities As A US Agent

We are specialized in helping foreign establishments in the food, beverage, dietary supplement, drug and medical device industries by getting them registered with US FDA. We help clients navigate through the registration process.

  • We assist FDA through interactions with the foreign establishment.
  • We respond to FDA questions related to your devices that are imported.
  • We can help FDA schedule communications of the foreign establishment.

While serving as a US Agent for your Dietary Supplement Foreign Facility, we will be liable to FDA for all the expenses related to re-inspection of your establishment or a food product detained at a US port, handle your failure to comply with a recall order.

Want US Agent Service for Dietary Supplement Foreign Facility?

Contact us and get away from this liability from your balance sheet.

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