New Ingredient Submission (NHPID) Solutions

Prepare and submit a new ingredient request at your convenience with NHPID experts. We will prepare for you complete and accurate NHPID data.

NHPID Overview

Natural Health Products Ingredient Database (NHPID) contains tens of thousands of entries of ingredients that serve either a medicinal or non-medicinal function. All medicinal and non-medicinal ingredients must be in the Natural Health Products Ingredient Database for a successful product license application.

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Classification Procedure for Medicinal and Non-medicinal Ingredients

Staying aware of the new classification procedure for Medical and Non-medical Ingredients is essential.

  • Before Product License Application (PLA) submission, make sure the ingredients contained in the product are natural health substances as per Schedules 1 and 2 of the NHP Regulations.
  • Be careful that all medicinal and non-medicinal ingredients in the product are listed as such within the NHPID.
  • Remember, NHPID also has some non-NHP ingredients on the list and these ingredients are acutely shown as not acceptable.
  • An entry in the database does not mean that the ingredient has been reviewed for efficacy or safety.

What If Ingredients are Not Listed in the NHPID?

If NHPID does not contain new ingredients

  • You will be solely liable to submit a request to NHPD for adding these ingredients to the database before the application is filed.
  • The application can only be filed after the ingredients are considered admissible and added to the database.

We will help you explain the process and requirements to request the addition of ingredients to the database.

new ingredient submission nhpid

How We Will Help You

Our NHPID experts will assist you in preparing a new ingredient request submission for you in the following cases.

  • If one of your ingredients is not in this database.
  • If the non-medicinal ingredient is in the database but not under a function listed for use in your product.
  • If your medicinal ingredient is a constituent of another medicinal ingredient (e.g. Caffeine is a constituent of Green Tea).

Note that processing time, once the new ingredient request is submitted, can take from 6 to 8 weeks for Health Canada to process.

New Ingredient Submission

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