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Natural Product Number (NPN) License Registration

The Product License Application (PLA) package an electronic product license application (ePLA) (only for a class 1 or 2 NHP), and for a class 3 NHP,  an electronic product license application,  an evidence summary report (which includes safety and efficacy support information),  and a finished product specification form. Classes of Natural Health Product License Applications are as follows:

Class 1 – Based on 1 NHP Monograph.  NNHPD performance target is approximately 60 days for an NPN

Class 2 – Based on 2 or more NHP Monographs.  NNHPD performance target is approximately 90 days for an NPN

Class 3 – At least 1 ingredient in the formula is either not monographed or outside the scope of an NHP Monograph.  NNHPD performance target is 210 days for an NPN after acknowledgement letter has been received.

Applications are one of our core competencies. Since 2007 we have registered over 5000 NPNs. Quality Smart Solutions can prepare any category of Product License Application in an efficient, cost-effective manner.   

The following video summarizes the 3 requirements to sell a Natural Health Product in Canada:  NPN license, compliant bilingual label and, if the NHP is manufactured, packaged and labelled outside of Canada, an Importer of Record is required.

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