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Leverage our expertise in reviewing labels, print ads, websites, and television commercials to make sure they cater to Media Compliance and Health Canada advertising regulations.


Guidelines for Advertising of Health Products

Natural Health Products Regulations monitor marketing and advertising of Natural Health products. They regulate product labels and all media outlets including print, radio, television, and the internet. All advertisements must be adhered to as per Section 9(1) of the Food and Drug Act. 

Given that promoting natural health products in a responsible manner with consumer health and safety in mind is mandatory. Only health products that Health Canada approves for sale in Canada may be advertised. Promotions should clearly explain the use of the product in a way to meet Advertisement and Media Compliance.

Natural Health Products must comply with the labelling standards set forth in Section 5 of the Natural Health Products Regulations. These include information such as:

  • Natural Product Number (NPN) appearing on the principal display panel
  • Medicinal ingredients listed in linear or tabular format
  • Recommended use or purpose
  • Directions of use, risk statements as just a few requirements. 

No person or company is allowed to package, label, treat, sell, process or advertise any drug in a manner that is misleading, false, or deceptive or is anticipated to carry a wrong impact on its value, character, quantity, merit, composition or safety.


Health Canada's Role in Health Product Advertisements

The regulatory authority, Health Canada, monitors health product advertisements. 

  • The agency drafts policies to efficiently regulate marketed health products.
  • It oversees regulated advertising activities.
  • It sets guidelines for the interpretation of the Regulations.
  • The agency intervenes when an advertisement is reported to poses a significant safety concern.
  • It ensures the information in a health product advertisement is not false. 
  • It penalizes and stops advertising with an immediate effect on finding a product is illegally advertised.

Meet Advertisement and Media Compliance with Us

Quality Smart Solutions is a one-stop-platform for advertisement and media compliance. We check your product’s label, review print advertisements, examine television commercials and recommend suggestions to make sure they meet Health Canada policies for advertising. Moreover, we ensure the information in advertising is not misleading or false, the advertisement meets safety concerns, and no product is illegally advertised or no unauthorized product is promoted.

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