International Trade Certificate (ITC)

Get assistance from experts to acquire ITCs for your site or product sooner than expected. We hold expertise in accuracy and the capability of either English or French versions of ITCs.

International Trade Certificate

International Trade Certificate (ITC) is a standard practice among various countries for requiring an ITC to get any Natural Health Product (NHP) imported into their jurisdiction. ITC provides information to the exporting country about the regulatory status of a Canadian NHP or Canadian manufacturer, labeller, packager. It confirms that the product or site caters to the requirements of the Natural and Non-Prescription Health Product Directorate.

Why International Trade Certificate (ITC) Is Important

The value of NPN (Natural Product Number) for a Natural Health Product without any doubt is beneficial for entering the international market. Most of the countries recognize and adhere to the regulatory program of Canada both in terms of registration and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice). Having said that some countries require proof of these Canadian regulatory requirements. That’s where an International Trade Certificate comes in handy. 

An ITC provides one of three functions:

  1. An ITC certifies the valid status of NHP being exported that it has an NPN license.
  2. An ITC is issued for proof of attests to the site status of the manufacturer, packager, or labeller.
  3. An ITC can be used for proof of an NHP site license or a homeopathic medicine (DIN-HM) and its site license activity.

Note that ITCs are only distributed to Canadian based companies with a valid NPN or site license.

Issuance of ITC in Canada

Health Canada has discontinued issuing International Trade Certificate (ITC) and has made third-party issuers responsible for issuing this certificate. Wondering who you should consult for ITC or where you will acquire the certificate? Don’t worry. Quality Smart Solutions will help you. We will assist you in issuing ITCs for your product or site with a quick turn around time.

International Trade Certificate (ITC) Issued by Us

As a registered third party ITC issuer, Quality Smart Solutions offers International Trade Certificates with accuracy and the capability of either English or French versions of ITCs. We offer two types of ITC’s and they are related to NHPs.

International Trade Certificate for NHPs

It speaks, particularly to products. Any product with a valid NPN or DIN-HM can obtain an ITC. remember to submit a separate application for each product and country of destination.

International Trade Certificate of GMPs Compliance

This certificate of Good Manufacturing Practices Compliance is a product-specific document. It is offered for domestic Canadian sites that have a valid Site License. It proves that a facility complies with the Canadian NHP GMPs.

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