Keeping An Eye On The Global Health Products Landscape

Keeping An Eye On The Global Health Products Landscape

Significant changes are occurring in the global regulatory landscape as of late, and this is just another example of how the world is evolving into a single global marketplace. Products marketed in the United States may be in Brazil after having cleared the regulatory hurdles of that country. Products made in Korea may be in Canada after receiving an acknowledgment letter or NPN. With globalization, various regulatory hurdles must be overcome for each country or region where entry is desired. Quality Smart Solutions is involved in this global market, and our clients span the globe. We will keep you informed through news feeds which we regularly update on our website.

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Andrew Parshad
Andrew Parshad
Andrew Parshad is President, CEO and founder of Quality Smart Solutions, a North American compliance solutions provider offering regulatory and quality assurance services to comply with FDA & Health Canada brands and ingredients regulations in the categories of dietary supplements, foods, cosmetics, OTC drugs and medical devices. Andrew started Quality Smart Solutions in 2007. Since that time he and his firm has served thousands of clients worldwide . Andrew's affiliate company, Quality IMPORT Solutions that offers import agent services into the Canadian market as a government licensed importer for foods, dietary supplements and medical devices.


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