FDA to close VCRP to prepare for MOCRA registration in 2023

FDA to close VCRP to prepare for MOCRA registration in 2023

VCRP to prepare for the MOCRA registration


In a recent update released on March 27, 2023, the FDA announced it has stopped accepting and processing VCRP submissions to the Voluntary Cosmetics Registration Program.

Instead, in accordance with the Modernization of Cosmetics Regulation Act of 2022, the FDA is creating a programme that cosmetic businesses will use to submit facility registrations and cosmetic product listings. When the new registration programme is ready, cosmetic facilities with VCRP registrations will need to resubmit their information.  

In this article you’ll learn why VCRP was canceled, how information will transfer, will information need to be re-submitted and how to make the cosmetic facility registration process easier.

What caused the VCRP to be abandoned? 

To gather data from cosmetic facilities about the cosmetic products they were distributing in the United States, the FDA created the VCRP in 1972. 

Despite being voluntary, the programme remained the only means by which the FDA could evaluate data regarding cosmetics companies, product ingredients, and customer usage. 

The recent passage of MoCRA eliminated the need for a voluntary registration programme by establishing mandatory registration and product listing requirements for cosmetic businesses. 

FDA states that a new system needs to be implemented so it can manage the influx of submissions because of the large number of cosmetic businesses that will be registering. 

Will the New Program Receive the VCRP Information? 

No, the VCRP’s info won’t be carried over to the new system. FDA will archive the data presently stored in the VCRP without allowing businesses to change it going forward. 

When the new programme becomes accessible, if your cosmetic facility is already registered with the VCRP, will you need to resubmit your registration information? 

It is necessary to finish all facility registrations and product listings, even if they have already been added to VCRP. The FDA says it will continue to inform the industry on the launch date of the new system. 

The organisation has also launched a specific MoCRA webpage to disseminate updated data and assist the business in staying current as FDA moves forward with MOCRA regulations.

How to ensure your Cosmetic Family Registration is done properly?

The cosmetics business is shocked by the cancellation of the VCRP. Numerous businesses thought data would be moved from the VCRP to the new licencing programme.  

Businesses might discover that resubmitting their registration along with all the product description information will take a lot of time and be difficult to delegate to internal teams. 

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