Launch Your Foods, Cosmetics, NHPs, & Pet Products on Amazon Canada: Compliance FAQs

Launch Your Foods, Cosmetics, NHPs, & Pet Products on Amazon Canada: Compliance FAQs

We understand the impact of changing Amazon Canada regulations on your business – and how non-compliance can hurt you.

Q: But what does “non-compliance” even mean? 

Answer: It could be a lot of things:

  • Mislead info: Your product descriptions need to be more accurate or include important details required by regulations body.
  • Wrong or Restricted Category: You’re selling something in a category Amazon restricts, even if it’s okay by Health Canada.
  • Missing paperwork or certifications: You may need a special license for your product (Foods, Cosmetics, NHPs, & Pet Products), but you don’t have it.

Q: What essential regulations do I need to know for selling on Amazon Canada? 

Answer: Regulations primarily depend on your product. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Foods: Ensure compliance with the Food and Drugs Act and the Safe Food for Canadians Act & Regulations. Depending on your business activities, you may need an SFCA License, a Preventive Control Plan (PCP), and potentially specific product approvals.
  • Cosmetics: Adhere to the Cosmetic Regulations under the Food and Drugs Act. Health Canada may classify some cosmetics as Natural Health Products or Drugs, requiring additional approvals.
  • Natural Health Products (NHPs):  Obtain a Natural Product Number (NPN) and a Site License from Health Canada.
  • Pet Products: Veterinary Health Products (VHPs) require a Notification Number from Health Canada. Pet foods must comply with regulations set by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA).

For a broader understanding of Amazon seller compliance, check out our blog on The Importance of Amazon Seller Compliance: How to Avoid Penalties.

Q: What is Amazon Canada’s specific labeling and listing requirements?

Answer: Alongside standard Canadian labeling laws for your product, Amazon requires:

  • High-quality product images: Represent your product accurately from multiple angles.
  • Optimized product descriptions: Include relevant search keywords.
  • Bilingual labeling (English/French): Mandatory for most items.

Q: My product’s approved elsewhere. Can I instantly sell it on Amazon Canada?

Answer: Not always. Canada has its own regulations, and Amazon’s internal product classification may sometimes differ from official government definitions.  Thoroughly research compliance requirements for your specific product category. If there’s any ambiguity, consult Health Canada or just simply contact us.

Q: Where do I get regulatory approvals for Amazon Canada?

Answer: To successfully navigate these regulations, it’s helpful to explore the detailed information provided on government websites like Health Canada and the CFIA. If you’d like additional guidance or need help resolving conflicts with Amazon’s product classifications, we can offer personalized support and ensure your products meet the necessary standards.

Q: Does Amazon have restrictions on certain product types?

Answer: Yes. Always check Amazon Seller Central’s Restricted Products list for the latest updates. Be aware that Amazon’s classifications may occasionally differ from Health Canada’s.

Q: I need help navigating this! Can Amazon or anyone else support me?

Answer: Absolutely! Amazon Seller Central offers help pages and support options. However, clarify any discrepancies between Amazon’s requirements and Canadian regulations with Health Canada or a regulatory expert.

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