Cosmetic Notifications

We’re an all-in-one solution to review cosmetic ingredients, ensure no containment of the ‘Ingredient Hotlist’ is in your product, and prepare and submit the ‘Cosmetic Notification Form’ to Health Canada!

Notification of Cosmetic

According to Section 30 of the Cosmetic Regulations, importers and manufacturers must have a cosmetic notification form submitted to Health Canada within 10 days after a cosmetic product is sold by them in Canada. Failing to do this may lead to dismissal of the product from entry into Canada or removal from sale.

Amendment and Resubmission of Cosmetic Notification Form

If any changes that affect a Cosmetic Notification Form (CNF) are made, resubmission of the Cosmetic Notification Form (CNF) to Health Canada after an amendment is required, according to section 31 of the Cosmetic Regulations. Certain modifications may include:

  • Changes in cosmetic formulation
  • Changes of the product’s name
  • Discontinuation of sale
  • New company’s name and address
  • Contact information of the new company

How We Help in the Cosmetic Notification Form Process

Our team of Canada Cosmetic Regulatory experts provides assistance in the online notification process, from preparing the Cosmetic Notification Form (CNF) to submitting or resubmitting it to Health Canada.

  • Review cosmetic ingredients
  • Check if the product contains any ingredients on the ‘Ingredient Hotlist’ (restricted substances in cosmetics).
  • Prepare and submit your cosmetic notification form to Health Canada.
  • Make corrections if required and resubmit the Cosmetic Notification Form

We have the ability to provide notification service to all companies inside or outside of Canada to ensure their products are registered with Health Canada and make sure a smooth entrance to the market.

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