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Health Claims Substantiation

Health claims are integral to any health product. They provide consumers with the vital information needed to evaluate and purchase your product to meet their health needs. Health claims must be substantiated to ensure they are truthful and properly represent the function they serve for your product. We can substantiate your claims by reviewing published information, unpublished data, or other sources of information to ensure that evidence exists to support your health claims of structure-function, prevention, or physiological benefit.

In Canada this is required for product licensing. In the U.S., although there is no licensing process, it is assumed that you have done your due diligence to substantiate your claims. FDA can ask for this information from you at any time. There are two options for substantiating your health claims:

  • You provide us with your product’s health claims. We conduct a health claims review and provide feedback on whether the claims can be substantiated or not, and provide recommendations and/or alternate options.
  • We can advise you of appropriate health claims based on a formula, if you haven’t yet provided health claims and need guidance.

Let Quality Smart Solutions evaluate and construct health claims for your health products that give consumers confidence in your products and your company, as a trusted source of providing the health benefits they claim.

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