Health Canada Proposes Expedited Approval for NMN, Enhancing Access to Natural Health Products

Toronto, ON — In a pivotal regulatory shift, Health Canada is set to reduce the approval times for Class 3 natural health products (NHPs), including Nicotinamide Mononucleotide (NMN), from over 10 months to approximately two months. This announcement is part of a broader initiative to streamline processes while ensuring the safety and efficacy of NHPs in Canada.

“This regulatory evolution marks a significant milestone for the Canadian health product landscape, promising quicker access to products like NMN while maintaining high safety standards.” Andrew Parshad, CEO, Quality Smart Solutions.

Understanding the Proposed Changes

Speedier Approval Times: Under the new regulations, the licensing process for natural health products such as NMN will be expedited from the current timeline of over ten months to approximately 60 days (about 2 months).

Global Regulatory Landscape: This change is particularly poignant as it contrasts with recent actions taken in the U.S., where NMN has been classified as a drug, leading to its removal from dietary supplement shelves.

Alongside the NMN proposal, Health Canada also updates regulations for several other NHPs, including alfalfa, ginseng, and black pepper. These changes aim to modernize the process and ensure natural health products’ safety.

The Impact on Companies and Consumers

Increased Access and Reduced Wait Times: Businesses will be able to bring their services or products to market much faster, which will allow Canadian consumers quicker access to new natural health products.

Maintaining High Safety Standards: Despite the faster process, Health Canada assures that the rigorous safety and efficacy standards currently in place will remain uncompromised.

Participation and Transparency

Health Canada is currently holding consultations on these proposals, seeking input from industry stakeholders and the public to ensure a transparent and inclusive regulatory process.

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Stay Updated and Compliant

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