NPN Package Compliance and French Translation Solutions

Ensure you are adhering to the Labelling and Packaging requirements. Create all texts in both English and French languages with the help of our experienced French Translator.

Do you know Canada Natural Health Products must be fully compliant with the Labelling and Packaging requirements according to the
Natural Health Product Regulations sections 93, 94, 95 and 97? If you’re planning to sell
Natural Health Products in Canada,
you won’t be allowed to sell these products unless you meet the packaging regulations. 

NPN Package Compliance and French Translation

It is mandatory that all labelling and packaging regulatory requirements should be met. The entire text, except trademarks, on the product packages must be bilingual. Requirements of these texts are on:

  • NPN on principal display panel
  • Medicinal Ingredients Panel (tabular or linear)
  • Directions of Use
  • Duration of Use (if applicable)
  • Recommended Use or Purpose
  • Risk Information
  • License Holder details
  • Importer of Record details (if applicable)
NPN Package Compliance and French Translation

Our Solutions for NPN Package Compliance and French Translation

We offer expert directions to manufacturers, sponsors and license holders for designing safe and clear labels and packages. Our French translator, based in Quebec, holds more than 25 years of experience in the consumer packaging industry having worked with Canadian trade organizations in ensuring French language compliance.  

If your designer is wondering how to fit two languages onto a label, we offer a design label conversion solution whereby our graphic designer has the ability to transform your art file into a fully compliant, bilingual, print-ready art file. What else? We are committed to preserving your product brand identity. 

Plans for Designing Labels and Packages

To meet NPN package compliance and French Translation, we take into account the following points.

Review compliance and incident data to ensure if any change is required for the planned label or package.

Consider the users of the product and environment of use.

Focus on Assessment and Human Factors Methods for safe design.

Depending on requirements, we prepare mock-ups of the label and package.

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