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In 2006, when I was starting my company coming up with a name was by far the toughest thing to do. I knew what I wanted my service to be and that was to be centralized on customer satisfaction. Three things came to mind in obtaining that service level. First was the quality of that service. It had to be thorough, with integrity and client complaint-free.

The word that came to mind was QUALITY. Second was that the response time to new or existing clients had to be quick and that the operations of the service and the company had to be efficient with fine operational processes so we can deliver accurately, timely and efficiently. That’s where the word SMART came from. And thirdly we weren’t going to focus on services to our clients. That’s what the pizza delivery boy offers. Our clients had questions, challenges and issues and we provided the answers and strategies. That’s where the word SOLUTIONS came from. Together, the company name QUALITY SMART SOLUTIONS was born.

We take great pride in assisting our clients. We maintain a very friendly, personal experience with each of them like one would get from a local barber or grocer. In our eyes, we see each client as Partners. We want to see our clients businesses succeed and our SOLUTIONS unlock that boundless growth potential. It’s is our Mission!! Embedded in those SOLUTIONS are three value pillars: Trust, Transparency and Respect.

Now that you know about the origins of the company a brief description of what we’re all about. Quality Smart Solutions is a global consulting firm assisting clients worldwide in the areas of regulatory compliance, research and development, quality assurance, distribution and importing.

Yours in Health,
Andrew Parshad

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