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Site Audit

A site inspection should be conducted periodically to ensure that your manufacturing, packaging, labeling, importing or distribution center is:

  • Properly documenting activities on a consistent basis
  • Operating with Standard Operating Procedures in place
  • Practicing due diligence in all activities
  • Following current Good Manufacturing Practices

This site inspection brings a fresh set of eyes to evaluate your procedures and logs, and determines where there are deficiencies, if any.

A site audit is a useful exercise to help improve your operations and to prepare you for a government audit on-site. Our Site Audit solutions include:

  • An inspection of your facility, equipment, documents, and logs. It may include asking questions of personnel on-site
  • A written audit report is provided detailing observations, deficiencies and where improvements are required

Quality Smart Solutions is your site audit specialist, providing you with a personalized, walk-through inspection of your facility.

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