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Security System Compliance and Design Setup

Certain classes of license holders  must have a security system set up.    The building layout and design will tie into this security system.  The regulatory provisions related to the security requirements include:

  1.  Signage and Physical Barriers – eg. fence, signs stating unauthorized access is prohibited
  2. Entrance, Doors and Frames – Fire rated doors, appropriate locks, door closures, switches
  3. Openings, Ducts and Mechanical/Electrical Pass-Throughs
  4. Wall Construction
  5. Glazing Panel Security
  6.  Monitoring and Detection
  7. Video Coverage
  8. Redundancy and Back-ups
  9. Access Control
  10. Security Systems Control Mechanisms – alarm codes, combinations
  11. Intrusion monitoring
  12. Record of Detected Matters
  13. Tampering
  14. Power Supply
  15. Air Filtration

This list may not be exhaustive.

Cannabis License Experts works with security firms who have a stellar record with zero issues or failures for their security system for License Holders.  

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