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Dealer’s License (DL) – Cannabis

Dealer's License (DL)

Beyond the License to produce, cultivate and sell cannabis as per the Licensed Producer (LP) requirements, certain activities such as  processing and extraction, lab testing, importing, exporting to international markets, distribution to other licensed producers or dealer license holder requires a special license issued by the Office of Controlled Substances (OCS) called a Dealer’s License or “DL” , the common acronym used. Note that a Dealer’s License is required for activities associated with Cannabidiol (CBD) (a schedule 1 narcotic) and any other drug classified and licensed as a controlled substance.

Our solution includes:

  1. Preparing a dealer’s license application
  2. Prepare all operational  procedures relevant to the activities that will be performed.
  3. Ensure qualified person in charge  has the qualifications and not have any criminal history for at least 10 years.
  4. Security procedures  are prepared and criminal checks are performed.

Health Canada may conduct an on-site inspection prior to license issuance.  License issuance performance target is 180 days which they are meeting 90% of the time.  However you may see a dealer’s license issued as quick as 60 days.  

Quality Smart Solutions has the expertise to prepare a thorough, complete and compliant Dealer’s License package.  With over 20 Dealer’s License applications prepared and submitted to Health Canada our team has the experience you are seeking for your DL submission.