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HM-DIN registration

HM-DIN registration are based on two types of health claims that are made:

  1.  Non-specific health claim such as “Homeopathic Remedy” or “Homeopathic Medicine” and no structure-function, therapeutic or preventative claim is made.  Licensing for non-specific health claim based HM-DINs take 10 days and follow the class 1 NHP process and documentation for submission.
  2. Specific health claims are claims such as “Helps relieve bronchial symptoms”, “Reduces stress and anxiety”.  The evidence can be from Homeopathic Pharmacopoeias or other sources such as Materia Medica.  These types of homeopathic medicines follow the class 3 NHP licensing process which can take up to 210 days for licensing after submission acknowledgement letter has been received.

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